Exhibition at Titanik studio, Turku 24.–31.5. Uruk was an ancient metropolis and city state in southern Mesopotamia, the southern Iraq…
During his residency Saunders painted for the exhibition as part of RaumArs 20th anniversary events, organized a series of engagements with…
Exhibition at Rauma Museum, Marela 22.4.–16.7. Reschke engaged with people to find out how clothes and everyday fashion reflect and create…
My artistic work focus is on photography and the moving image. Through those various backgrounds I am overall interested in combining…
The project grows up from a hand made dowry chest made in 1907. It's a heritage that makes connections between past and present. Results of
Artist-in-residensce in August, writes about her video work: “The installation is a video collecting lights in Rauma. Walking through the…
Ongoing dance duet, presented in public space. Artists perform, dressed up as a gorilla and a blue dancer, every morning during five weeks…

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Residency artists in 2017

May-July Diana Ejaita (IT)

May-August Hodhayfa Salih (IQ)

August–September Kristin Brice (USA)

September–November Viktoria Ikonen (RU)

October 2017–January 2018 Farid Ayelem Rahmouni (FR)

December 2017–May 2018 Jacob Minter (USA)

Resartis Taike Rauma Erkki Paasikiven säätiö Satakunnan taidetoimikunta Vakka-suomen nuorisosäätiö Kordelin_saatio_4v.png WEB_lastenkulttuuri-vinonelio-oranssi.png Erik_Rosenlew_saatio.jpg Rauman Taidemuseo