Due to the coronavirus situation, we will implement plans B and C if necessary. In early April, we will know more. Stay tuned :).
Colombian songwriter piano concert at Poselli 15.4. at 6 p.m. The guests Rauma Flikkatte Göör and Rauma boys' choir. Concert in Eura 14.4.…
Workshops of contemporary dance and bodypainting techniques 7.–29.2. at Kuovi Youth Center and a performance at the library on 24th Feb at 4…
Hartt works at Pyynpää school and arranges Dance n’Paint workshop at Lappi community hall on Fri 24nd Jan at 5–7 pm. Registrations by 22nd…
Movie theater Iso-Hannu. Director Mohammad AbdulAziz, editing Somar Jbawi, 2015 (135 min.) English subtitles, language Arabic. Free…
Artist Talk at Job Seekers Lokki-house on 9th Dec at 4 pm and at renovation center Tammela at 6 pm. A Texas photographer has worked on night…
The Lighthouse Journal is an exploration of a small Arctic island in poetry and prose that stems from time spent working on Litløy Fyr as…

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Residency artists, coming (updated 29.1.20)


February: Muutos Company Anniina Tammi and Tiina Kokkonen (FI), performance, body painting.

February–April: Lelia Byron (US), visual arts.

March–April: Orianna Musica (CO), singing, piano.

April–June: Ivana Blanco Gross (AR/US), paiting.

May: Suvi Nurmi (FI), litterature, literary art

July: Tarmo Thorström (FI/RU), lace.

August-September: Leena Vainio (FI), visual arts.

September–October: Mary Ann Loo (SG), painting, murals.

November–December: Marlise Keith (ZA), visual arts, collages.

You may inquire for available moths. For 2020 we are only able to take artists for independ work.

Resartis Taike Rauma Erkki Paasikiven säätiö Vakka-suomen nuorisosäätiö WEB_lastenkulttuuri-vinonelio-oranssi.png Rauman Taidemuseo Suomen Kulttuurirahasto