Next time you can apply will be in March 2018 for the year 2019.
The application form stays open after the official deadline (each year early/mid April) for artists to apply for possibly remaining months after the next year's artist selection has been announced in August. Please see available months from the front page. Inquiries first with an email.

There are two kinds of residencies A&B:

A. For community/participatory art residency
Who can apply? 

Artists; individuals, couples/pairs, groups, families up to 4 people. Working 3-6 months. RaumArs supports artists with a room free-of-charge and some material budget. Please note that there may be some additional charges.

B. For independent work
Who can apply? 

Artists, curators, researchers, art historians; individuals, couples/pairs up to 2 people.
Working 1-6 months, preferably 2 or more. Independently working artists pay a small fee, please see "Apartment". RaumArs' support covers the costs beyond.

Please also read "instructions and rules" carefully.

Blue_Gorilla_Ayho_3.jpgBlueGorilla in Lajo housing area.

Residency applications must be submitted via an online application form.

RaumArs A-i-R provides residency in the heart of Old Rauma, in Unesco World Heritage site. RaumArs is an independent association (”ry” in Finnish) with the aim of bringing the art world and the community closer to each other. First artist came in 1997.

RaumArs welcomes artists to apply for a residency from the fields of applied arts (incl. design), architecture, handcraft (incl. textile), performing arts (incl. dance, music, sound, theatre) and visual arts (incl. new media, photography, video). Also art historians, researchers and curators can apply.

Applications can be submitted by individuals for community art / participatory art residency or for independent working. Teams and groups of artists can also apply as well as families with artist(s).

Most often artist work with school children and RaumArs collaboration with Rauma Art Museum is continuous. RaumArs has collaborates of different associations (also non-artistic and non-cultural), festivals in Rauma and Satakunta area and institutions for example graphic artists, print makers, clay artists, orienteering association, dance school, music school, Blue Sea Film Festival (artists-in-residency are members of a jury of a short film competition), Adult Education Centre, Rauma Art School for children, lace makers, herring market, sailors, Rauma Street Mission and their Youth Community Centre or wood/metal workshops, The Martha’s, Rauma Maritime Museum – just name it! 

There are two kinds of residencies: community art residency and a residency to work independently.

There are two kinds of residencies:

The community / participatory art applicants are expected to present a project plan for a collaborative/participatory art practise, public or social art project or an environmental project, which will be realized during the residence. The main selection criteria will be the artists’ motivation to work in collaboration with local people, the proposal and the quality of previous art. Many of the projects are carried out with children or youth, but artists actualize the project according to their wishes and collaborate with any group. The applicant doesn't have to have previous teaching experience, but need to prove to be able to carry out the project. RaumArs will give some assistance in producing the accepted proposal for a community/ participatory art projects. English will be the working language and should be spoken reasonably well.

Please include in your application a description of a group you wish to collaborate with. Community artist(s) get at most 100-300€ in a month (exact amount for each year is to be decided later) for materials (incl. equipment rentals etc.) by proving receipts for the items bought or rented. Exceeding costs are to be paid by the artist(s). The residency may overlap with independently working artist sharing the apartment also staying in the same flat.

Community art project is not necessarily required from independently working artists. Artists can work with their own projects or for example research. Also writes can apply.

Independent working can also lead to a community/production residency, which allows longer-term projects. During the first residency period the focus is on familiarization with local people and environment, the second period carried out on the following year as a community project (please mention this in your application if you are planning this). In the case the artist is engaged to travel to Rauma twice.

Artists can apply to both residencies, in this case the board of directors will decide the place.

For both applications, please note that a clear and well written project plann is crucial, because RaumArs applies grants for operating the residency with the artists' applications. RaumArs also uses artists' portfolios.

The Board of Directors, with some of RaumArs collaborators, will be processing the applications in May–June. Selected artists will be informed in June–July and their names will be announced on RaumArs web site and Facebook in August.

Waiting for you applications :)

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