Application form

Application time is open 15th March–15th April. We will not consider applications before the date.

Before writing the application, please note that the form can’t unfortunately be saved. Write your application (especially the project plans) to your computer and copy paste the information here.

Please read with care the applying information HERE. (opens in new window)

Please note the rules in e.g. attachments (point 5) should not occupy more that 2mt and every file must have your name on it. Otherwise we can not find them among dozens of applications. Thank you!

1. Applicant's information

Enter international phone number. For example +358 (0)44 1234567

You will receive our replies into this email address

From the other members of a work group send us personal information mentioned above in an attachment(s)

2. Project

Proposal expected from artists who are applying to a community residency

Proposal expected from artists who are applying to a community residency

3. Residency

Please see more information here, especially the periods for community residencies. Please choose A or B.

Community artists can stay 2-6 months, preferably 3 months or more. Independently working artists can stay 1-6 months, preferably 2 months or more.

The periods start on the 1st and end on the last day of the month. (Arriving some days later or leaving a bit earlier is possible.)

For example: your project is season/month-based, you can get time off from work only during certain months, you need time to apply for funding, the months fit to your studying schedule or other plans, other residencies, travels etc.

4. Other

You can write e.g. how would Rauma citizens benefit your project / how important this time would be for your artistic work / what other interests you have.

5. Attachments

Make one PDF portfolio, with pictures, possible extra text and CVs. Identify the PDF with your name. This file should not occupy more than 2 Mb.

(You can also make a separate PDF of the CVs, not larger than 2 Mb.)

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