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RaumArs offeres accommodation in the heart of Old Rauma, a UNESCO World Heritage site. RaumArs will offer an apartment free of charge, and give some administrative help in producing the accepted proposal for community/participatory art projects. Artists pay travelling, art transporting and living costs (including food, house cleansers, print inks etc.). Independently working artists pay fee per month.


The apartment of 82 sqm consists of 3 rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a shower/toilet in a wooden detached house in Old Rauma, just opposite to the Old Church Ruins. The house (yard) consists of 9 lodgings. Rauma Art Museum and artists' studios locate close by. You can be living alone, with your mate/partner or with other artists. Artist will take care of the apartment so that it stays in a good condition for the next artist to make herself/himself at home.

  • Downstairs: Small entrance, shared kitchen, small toilet, a room.
  • Upstairs: A lobby, a room, shared toilet/shower with a washing machine.
  • Fully equipped kitchen, 2 beds in both of the rooms, 2 colour printer/scanners, wifi, some tools. There are also all needed bed linen, towels, 2 bathrobes and hairdryers.
  • RaumArs has 3 bikes available to the artists. The fourth bike can be rented near.
  • Pets are not allowed.

No separate studio or working space, because most of the workshops/projects that are done with local people happen at schools or similar spaces. In some cases studio space can be arranged and it is has to be negotated beforehand. It may have a rental.

Fees/rents per room

  • 1 community artist or 2 collaborating artists, free of charge.
  • 1 community artist + accompanying a non-artist partner 150 €/month.
  • 1 independent artist 250 €/month.
  • 2 independent artists collaborating 350 €/month or an artist+partner 400 €/month.
  • 3–4 artists or collective or a family, all who make a community/participatory art project and need a whole house; 3 persons 300 €/month, 4 persons 400 €/month.
  • whole house in execptions and after inquiries 800-900 €/month depending on season.

First month's fee needs to be payed before arriving. Deposit (refundable after cleaning) 200 €/room will be charged 3 months before arriving. Every person pays 50 € registration fee.

Kindly notice, that RaumArs covers 2/3 of the cost of the housing.

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